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RH&M Fabrication Services

At RH&M, we’re a local shop with nationwide reach. From our home in West Virginia all the way to California, we’re able to provide high-quality CNC machining, metal fabrication, equipment or component prototyping, machine repair, and more to our customers across the country. We’ve been in business for decades, providing exceptional fabrication services to manufacturers, OEMs, hobbyists, small businesses, and a wide range of other industries.

Our legacy is built on precision, innovation, and a commitment to turning your vision into a reality. Whether it’s for CNC machining or just a repair, our skilled and experienced team is dedicated to providing the best tailored machining solutions to a wide range of custom jobs.

If these sound like services that could benefit your operation, we want to hear about it. We partner directly with you to discuss your application needs, technical necessities, timeframes, environment, and anything else relevant to getting the job done. That way, we can ensure you’re getting the right  machine, equipment repair, or part for the job. Contact us today to learn more.

CNC Machining

Our modern technology and skilled machinists ensure every single component is crafted accurately and precisely.

Metal Fabrication

We can transform raw metal into custom structures such as digger buckets that meet high standards of durability and functionality.

Prototyping and Design for Manufacturing

From concept to tangible prototype, our collaborative approach allows designs to be refined before full-scale production.

Machine Repair

Minimize downtime and maximize efficiency with our reliable and professional machine repair services.

CNC Machining

Our quality CNC machining services are tailored to meet the most demanding requirements. Equipped with modern technology and a team of skilled machinists, we deliver precision components with unmatched accuracy. From custom parts for your project to intricate components for specialized machinery, our CNC machining services ensure quality from design to execution.

Key Features: unmatched levels of precision, high versatility, rigorous quality assurance

Metal Fabrication

At RH&M, our metal fabrication services transform raw materials into functional components. Our skilled craftsmen employ a variety of techniques to shape and weld metal, creating durable structures and parts that stand the test of time. From structural machine parts to auxiliary components like digger buckets or hammers, we can fabricate what you need.

Key Featurescustomized fabrication, high structural integrity, expert welding

Prototyping and Design for Manufacturing

Start innovating now with our prototyping and design services. Make your ideas a reality with tangible prototypes, allowing for testing and refinement of designs before full-scale production. Our experienced team works closely with you to ensure that your prototypes meet the highest standards of functionality and quality.

Key Features: collaborative prototyping approach, iterative development to ensure success

Machine Repair

Downtime is not an option. At RH&M, we understand the importance of a well-maintained machine. Our machine repair services are designed to minimize disruptions to your operations. Whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency repairs, our skilled technicians ensure your equipment is back in action promptly.

Key Features: comprehensive repair services, preventive maintenance

Ready To Get Started?

When you partner with RH&M, you know exactly what you’re getting. Whether you need repair services, CNC machining, or custom fabrication, we can help. Get in touch today to start the process.

Simplify Your Project with RH&M

At RH&M, we don’t think your project should be a daunting undertaking. Through our Go-For-Digger and machine fabrication services, we’re able to turn complex endeavors into straightforward, manageable tasks. With user-friendly design, adaptable controls, and reliable manufacturing, we’re able to work with you to simplify even the most challenging projects.

Whether you need a tow-behind backhoe like the Go-For-Digger or a custom-fabricated machinery built to the needs of your project, we can partner with you to achieve your goals. Our equipment can be the game-changer that empowers you to take charge of your projects and accomplish them with precision and efficiency.

Contact us today to learn more.

Fabrication and Machine Shop In West Virgina

Located in Morgantown, West Virginia, we offer machining services to OEM’s throughout the region. Contact us today to learn more about our machining capabilities.
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