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Go-For-Digger Towable Backhoe and Components

The Go-For-Digger is a versatile tool applicable for a wide variety of projects. Whether you need to lay utility lines, dig irrigation ditches, or even clear land for development, we have a solution for you. The innovative design of our pull-behind backhoe allows it to be attached simply to a work truck, utility terrain vehicle, or tractor for ease of transportation.

A primary strength of the Go-For-Digger is its adaptability. It’s able to get into areas that standard backhoes or construction equipment can’t, allowing for professional-quality work without having to maneuver a machine that’s just too big. When utilized freestanding, operators can expect maximum maneuverability and the ability to get into hard-to-reach areas. Or it can be utilized in-tow, allowing for greater leverage.

If you’re looking for a towable backhoe for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Our top-of-the-line backhoe is durably designed, compactly constructed, and reliably manufactured to increase your productivity. Our new Boom Design with longer reach allows easier loading of excess material for disposal. Further, our team can work directly with yours to determine your projects needs and demonstrate how our backhoe can allow you to meet any necessary standards while maintaining productivity.

Traditional Digger

Hydraulic-controlled movement and standard motor to get the job done

Electrified Digger

If idle time, emission requirements, or noise regulations are a concern, try electric

Parts and Accessories

Ensure you've got all the parts, accessories, or attachments you need

Traditional Digger

The Traditional Digger is engineered with a robust hydraulic system, creating a towable backhoe with strong digging force and allowing you to work in even the toughest soil.

Key Features: hydraulic strength, high versatility, and durability

Benefits: high-performance, adaptable, and proven reliability of hydraulic systems

Go For Digger Electrified Mobile Digger

Electrified Digger

Designed to combine both power and sustainability, our electric tow-behind backhoe is a silent and emission-free digging solution. It provides a clean and efficient excavation experience without compromising on performance.

Key Features: environmentally friendly, quiet operation, versatility

Benefits: regulatory compliance, idle reduction, lower operating costs

Parts and Accessories

Spend more time working and less time worrying about replacement parts and maintenance. We make it easy to get the parts and accessories you need for your application. Our digger is designed with flexibility in mind, making routine maintenance or parts replacement simple and straightforward. Take a look at our parts and accessories offering.

Common Applications

Whether you’re a contractor, municipality, or commercial operation, our innovative machine is designed to enhance your digging experience and simplify your project. Our Go-For-Digger pull-behind backhoe is engineered for versatility, durability, and ease of use. This makes it ideal for a wide range of municipal and commercial applications.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional excavators or backhoes. With the Go-For-Digger, you can take your digging power wherever your project demands.

Electrical Line Digging
Trenching for Utilities
Sewer Line Digging
Roadside Maintenance
Water Line Digging
Foundation Excavation
Drainage Systems
Plumbing Installation

Why Partner With RH&M?

At RH&M, we’re able to offer something many other manufacturers of tow behind backhoes aren’t: a personal touch. As a local shop that’s been in business for decades, we’re able to provide one-on-one, direct service and custom fabrication jobs that others simply can’t match.

When you partner with us, you know exactly what you’re getting and who’s making it. This level of unparalleled service is just one of the reasons so many choose the Go-For-Digger year after year.

If you’re looking for an on-the-go excavation solution, we can help. Our tow-and-go backhoe was built for you. Maximize your productivity with a machine custom-built for durability and high-performance excavation.

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